Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ms. Clean

As children, when my sister and I would ask my mom what she wanted for her birthday or Christmas she would always say, “A clean house.”  We would roll our eyes and sigh and try to figure out on our own what kind of gift we were going to buy.

Now that I am an adult and a home-owner and a mom…I get it!

There is something to be said for the calm and serenity that a clean house ushers into an otherwise chaotic and busy life.  The clutter is put away.  The house smells of lavender and Lysol.  The sink shines.  And with all of that, my soul feels content.

It does not always last long as the clutter reappears…sometimes slowly, other times in one big ka-boom.  The bathrooms will again show signs that boys with not-so-good aim often spend time there.  Crumbs will soon be seen on the kitchen floor because, for some reason, cats have not learned from their dog friends, that eating crumbs off the floor makes your family really happy.

But for now, I am just going to take a deep breath and enjoy my surroundings.  And when my son asks me what I want for an upcoming holiday, maybe he won’t roll his eyes when I say, “A clean house!”