Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am anxious. 

This week has been out of the norm because my kiddo had strep and was out of school for three days.  I have been distracted and out of my groove at work.  My house has been cluttered and out of control.  I am out of clean clothes.  The seasons are changing and I realize that once again, my winter clothes seem smaller than they did last year...I am fairly certain that is not related to my ever increasing weight.  I am really bad at planning dinners.  I am even worse at planning healthy dinners.

I have stuff I want to do.

I want to get some pictures framed and hung in my house.  I want to repaint a few rooms.  I want to move some perennials around in my garden.  I want to clean out my basement and throw away or donate stuff I do not need or want.  I want to lose weight but I do not want to change what I eat or exercise more.  I am fairly certain that it not going to work.  I want to figure out how to follow blogs on my new Droid phone but RSS feeds and the like are monumentally confusing to me.  I want to scrapbook again - it has been many months.  I have been wanting to blog...but have been stuck in this spot.

So I thought that I would try to write it out.  So far I don't feel better.  But maybe I will.


  1. Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many things all at once. Sometimes, we have to just take it one minute, one hour at a time.
    As far as dinners go, I would not survive without DreamDinners. I go there once a month, assemble the dinners, and most of them are ready in 20 minutes. It has been a life-saver!

  2. One little step at a time, my dear <3