Saturday, October 9, 2010


Watched a TiVo'd episode of Oprah tonight.  A woman who contracted HIV from her husband.  He was living a secret double life and having sex with men.  This could have happened to me.  I remember getting my HIV test after I found out about my husband's double life.  I remember waiting for the test results.  I remember the relief of receiving negative test results.  I was just lucky.

Here's the link to Oprah:


  1. Been here too....The hardest test I ever took..the fear great!! ... so sad to know that there are many of us who have faced this fear..!

  2. I saw the show too!
    So glad that you didn't have to go through that on top of everything else.

  3. I saw it and thought about you and how it could've happened to you. I am so grateful it didn't. xxoo