Sunday, July 18, 2010

5 Random Weekend Thoughts

1.  Telling my story WORE ME OUT!  Wow.  I expected it to be hard...but then it wasn't as bad as a thought...until I was done.  That is when I realized how hard it was to process all those things again.  I must say, the last few posts were not as "polished" as I wanted them to be but I just needed to be done.  Glad I did it.  Hope that I can find a way for other people in similar positions to "find" me,  But right now I am just glad I am done.

2.  I love this summer.  It has been different than any summer yet.  My kiddo played baseball which mean I hung out at the ball field 2 - 3 times a week & LOVED it.  Got some great photos, fun times with friends and saw my kiddo improve so much over one season.  We also have been enjoying the pool.  I have avoided it in the past - because I am fat - but this year I decided that was stupid.  I am trying to get in shape, but I decided not to postpone my life any longer just because of the way I look.  That has been very freeing.  And the best thing has just been having fun.  No matter what we do - camping, sleepovers, parties, hanging out...we just seem to be having fun.  And that is GREAT!

3.  I miss my sister.  For the last few years we talk on the phone every morning while I drive to work.  After watching Oprah's special on cell phones and distracted drivers I decided to try to stop talking on the cell while driving.  It is not that hard, except that I miss that time with my sister.  It is hard to find uninterrupted time to talk on a regular basis.  I wish there was a solution.

4.  I have been working hard on finances after taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace class last September.  I really liked the majority of the class.  He is more religious and conservative than me, but I took what I liked out of the course and really made some improvements to my financial life.  There is a freedom that has come with knowing where all my money is going and being in control of it.  I have managed some big expenses (new car a/c + suspension = $900, dental work = $700, etc.) without going into debt.  That felt great.  I was also able to find room in my budget for some "extras" like someone to mow my lawn, which has been a huge relief and time saver for me.

5.  I had my first pedicure this year.  I cannot believe I waited so long.  I have always hated my feet, but I love my new polished toenails.  Fun to get pampered once in a while.  Taking care of myself is something I usually put on the back burner.  Now I know a pedicure is not the ultimate in mental health or anything - but it sure was fun!

That's it for now - Happy Weekend!!!


  1. I dig Dave Ramsey. He knows his stuff. My dad turned me on to him years ago.

    Glad you're doing alright.

  2. Good for you for getting out there and having some fun this summer.
    Girl, Pedi's are heavan and manditory!

  3. I would love it if you wrote more posts on how you got that class to help you afford those things!