Monday, June 21, 2010

some days....

I have nothing insightful to say.  I have no deep thoughts, no feelings that need to be vented and no major life lessons learned.  Today was just an normal crazy day in my everyday journey.  Took my son to camp, got my central air fixed (kind of a surprise expense since it just broke last night), worked a full day, visited one of my support groups (for work) tonight, picked up my son from his baseball game and found out that they led the WHOLE game and lost by one run in the bottom of the last inning (bummer), came home, watered the plants, fixed hungry kiddo a snack and now vegging for a bit before our bedtime routine.

But I feel good right now.  Content.  Happy.  That is a good way to end a day.

1 comment:

  1. Your normal crazy day sounds like a good day, indeed.