Sunday, April 25, 2010

random morning thoughts

love waking up to an open window, spring breeze freshening the air in my bedroom and birds chirping outside

love when that peaceful scene is suddenly punctuated by a dog howling outside, reminds me of my former beagle, Bailey

thinking that this is kind of like doing Julia Cameron's morning pages

the sound of children waking in the other room is joyful...and funny when the other sound I hear is the nerf gun being loaded and shot

sometimes mornings are lonely

sometimes mornings are peaceful and full of promise and gratitude

i love the twilight time when I am just awaking form a restful sleep, reality and dreams are still fuzzed together and the time is kind of in a holding pattern

i think it is cute that my son has given me a stuffed animal to sleep with.  it started when he was much younger and i finally told him that his stuffed dog was HIS responsibility - i.e. not my fault if you forget to take him to preschool.  he countered by "giving" me another one of his animals and telling me, "Mommy, This dog is YOUR responsibility!"  Years later The second Dog reappears from time to time in my room, with my son telling me that the pup misses me and wants to sleep with me,  so cute.

hee hee - i am sitting in my bed and listening to the sounds of my kiddo and his friend (who slept over) giggling at morning cartoons.  i know they are still snuggled on the couch where they slept.  i could get up and get them breakfast but I like just knowing they are there enjoying the morning too.

i love sleeping in a bed with freshly clean sheets, great pillows and my down comforter with it's new hotel-like white cotton duvet cover.

i miss waking up next to a man that i love

this day is full of promise - i wonder what it will bring

and that is a good thought to end on!

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  1. I love hearing my girls talk in the other room, work together, create new things together. I wonder if they can hear me beaming through the walls.