Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Losing it....

I am always losing things:  car keys, Blackberry, sunglasses, gloves, the earrings I took off at bedtime, prescription bottles, mascara.  You get the picture.  Usually things turn up...in their own time.  Currently I am missing one pair of sunglasses.  Up until 5 pm today I was also missing my car registration and my "to do" list notebook...but I found them...after days of searching.  That was a relief because when they were lost, I was quite anxious.  The sunglasses don't worry me...they will show up in time...their own time...NOT my time.  Or I will buy new ones.

My life seems to be a process of losing things and finding them.  Sometimes it causes great stress.  Sometimes it is a mere inconvenience.  I find something, sometimes I keep it, sometimes I lose it.  Losing can be good or bad...as can finding.

I changed my major 5 times in college...then I found my calling and graduated.   I found true love.  Then I found out it was not so true...and it became a lost cause.  I found a house and it has become a home.  I was lucky not to lose it during my divorce.  I've lost friends...and have not always got them back.  I've lost perspective but was able to refocus.  I lost the life and future I had imagined, but I re-created a new life.

I have a friend who feels she has lost some of herself since becoming a mom.  I think that is OK.  The process of losing and finding seems inevitable in life.  It's not easy and sometimes I'd rather skip the whole thing.  But I do think that living through the process teaches us something...eventually...in it's own time.


  1. its amazing how 2 little words can really sum up life.

    this was awesome Debbie. And thanks for delurking over at my place, I really had no clue you were there. I am very glad though.

  2. Lost it and love it!...including what I lost, am finding, and this post!!