Sunday, February 14, 2010

blog challenge

I cannot believe I am posting twice in one day.  However the first post was after midnight so it FEELS like yesterday to me.  Anyway, I spent some time today looking around the blogging world and found this and decided to do the blog challenge which involves pasting these bolded words and filling in the blanks.  So here goes:

If I could...I would find a way to have more time off work.
In my kitchen cupboard...are lots of foods that my seven year says he likes when I buy them and then decides he doesn't when it comes to meal time.
On my desk...a box of crayons (thanks sixty-four colors blog!), a scrapbook page in progress, my camera, a cool macro lens on loan from a friend....and a bunch of other stuff.
Image in my head...none, which I find odd, since I am a visual person by nature.  
In the middle of my to do calling to schedule dentist and doctor appointments
I am dreading...going back to work on Tuesday...four days off in a row is bliss!
Right now I want to...get my son to bed so I can watch some TV.
I think...the only thing blocking me from losing weight is the fact that I use food for comfort.  The problem is that I use food for comfort, so if I stop doing that I will be uncomfortable and I don't like that prospect.  Obviously this is a thought in process.
Going to...see a movie tomorrow with my kiddo and friends.

Interesting exercise.  I see a couple of things here that could become blog posts themselves.  Maybe that was the point of the challenge?

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  1. Ha - just bought a box of cereal that my 9-yr-old picked and had one bowl, and declared she didn't like it.
    It'll become my food indulgence, I'm afraid.